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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Consignment Process?

The entire sales procedure involves 10 basic steps...

1. Receiving and recording your firearm


2. Researching fair market value


3. Photography, 5 -10 views


4. Editing/preparing photos


5. Writing description


6. Uploading photos and copy onto auction's Web site


7. Answering inquiries – phone and e-mail


8. Receiving/processing payments


9. Legal transfer FFL to FFL


10. Packaging, shipping, and follow-up


What if my guns don’t sell?

No Results – NO commission due!

Our reasonable flat fee covers everything: auction fees (average 3% of final value) appraisals, transfer fees, photography, sales, delivery – it’s all done for you.


When will I receive payment?


                                     The average time from the listing of your firearm
                                      until delivery of your check is around three weeks.

                                      With over fourteen years of successful experience in selling firearms
                                      on the Internet, we have learned what works and what doesn’t.



What do you charge for your services?



We charge a flat fee of 20%. Typically 3% of this goes to the auction provider for listing and sales commission. So we net 17% for all our services. No sale - no commission due!

In some instances, we have gained more than appraised value for clients. This is due primarily to three factors: The quality and desirability of the firearm; the quality of the photos; and, the dynamics of the auction environment.



Will there be a written contract?

Yes. As part of the process you will have a written contract outlining all the services you can expect from us and our responsibilities to you. This agreement will also spell out exactly what you are obligated for on your end. This is an important protection for you and is not something that you can always expect from other dealers who may offer this service.